The lawyers of Koskie | Helms have deep roots in Saskatoon. We bring more than fifty years of experience to the resolution of legal matters in this and our surrounding communities. We strongly support our fellow citizens and believe they are the backbone of our success.

We recognize there are many choices for legal representation. Your selection is an important one. That is why we left a downtown law firm to create a boutique practice freed from the overhead requirements of the large firm. We are dedicated to combining large firm skills and quality with good old-fashioned common sense and small firm rates. The Firm is small by choice. That makes it able to render more direct and immediate service, exercise greater control over the quality of work, maintain a fast turnaround time and give clients continuity in their legal representation relationship and the genuine personal touch that is often absent in larger firms.

Our goal is to work with clients to achieve their objectives. We garner a working understanding of our clients' affairs and the challenges faced by them and provide informed, preventive legal advice. If discord is ultimately faced, we pursue a sensible compromise which still serves the best interests of the client.

We are well known for our expertise in litigation. If negotiated resolution is not possible, we provide effective and experienced courtroom representation to assert client rights.

You will discover we provide our clients with well trained, experienced and competent staff that works in an environment complemented by modern equipment and research facilities.

We give client affairs our steadfast attention, while applying the needed expertise, responsibility, reliability and imagination. Our relationships with clients are based on mutual confidence and respect. Upon this strength, we have established our reputation for cordial and enduring partnerships.

Suite 3, 501 Gray Avenue, Saskatoon, SK S7N 2H8
[T] (306) 242-8478 / [F] (306) 653-2120
www.koskie.com / E-mail: firm@koskie.com