Ted Koskie has more than 30 years of labour relations experience. He has conducted hundreds of arbitrations/adjudications and dealt with a wide array of factual and legal issues. He has represented both employers and employees. He has drawn on this experience in assisting parties in resolving complex claims. Ted has the knowledge, experience, skill and dedication to do the job.

Proper facilities play a significant role in the success of any arbitration/adjudication. We offer neutral, convenient, comfortable facilities with full amenities. In addition, we conduct arbitrations/adjudications at any venue that parties request. If you retain Ted Koskie, we offer our arbitration/adjudication facility at no cost.

We maintain a strict standard of conduct that provides assurances to the parties and their counsel.

  • Confidentiality - We will never discuss what goes on in an arbitration/adjudication outside of that proceeding. Part of the advantage of arbitration/adjudication is privacy and confidentiality. That advantage will always be maintained.

  • Conflicts of Interest - We will disclose any potential or perceived conflict of interest. For example, if a case involves a party one of our associates represented or opposed in litigation, that information will be disclosed. If any of our associates or any member of their families has a known financial interest in a party or the case, that interest will be disclosed.

  • Non-solicitation of Clients - We will never solicit any party to arbitration/adjudication for future legal representation.

Ted Koskie has set hourly and half and full-day rates. If an arbitral/adjudication panel includes arbitrators/adjudicators who are not associated with Koskie-Helms, then the parties must make their own fee arrangements with such arbitrators/adjudicators. A deposit is required. If the arbitration/adjudication is cancelled or adjourned, varied fees may be charged. Please contact us to obtain rates, availability and conditions.

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