Lawyers Confirm Trump Willing To Answer All Of Sean Hannity’s Questions About Russia Collusion

the donald
This article—clearly made up—appears on the Onion web site.

WASHINGTON—Ending any speculation over whether he would submit to questioning on the subject, lawyers representing President Trump confirmed Wednesday he is willing to clear up any concerns that talk show host Sean Hannity may have about his 2016 campaign’s alleged collusion with Russia. “The president has expressed to us that he is fully committed to cooperating with Mr. Hannity on all aspects of the Russia issue,” said White House attorney Ty Cobb, adding that his client looks forward to speaking with the Fox News anchor on the record and, furthermore, is not the least bit worried about the revelations that will result from Hannity’s line of inquiry. “Whether the questions are about why Mr. Trump, as a candidate, had no reason to collude, or how Hillary Clinton has done much worse, the president is ready to provide complete and detailed responses. He understands the level of accountability to which he will be held by a person in Mr. Hannity’s position, and he is entirely prepared for it.” Cobb went on to express confidence that Hannity will ultimately conclude the president has engaged in no wrongdoing.