When sitting as an arbitrator/adjudicator/referee, we offer fees discounted from what is our normal billable rates:

• Hourly Rate - $450.00
• Half-Day Rate - $1,350.00
• Daily Rate - $2,700.00

If a panel includes arbitrators / adjudicators / referees who are not associated with Koskie-Helms, then the parties must make their own fee arrangements with such arbitrators / adjudicators / referees.

A deposit may be required.

If the matter is cancelled or adjourned prior to the scheduling of the hearing, there is no charge. The following fees will be charged if notification or cancellation or adjournment is received:

• two weeks or more prior to a hearing date - $595 a day;
• two to seven days prior to a hearing date - $895 a day; and
• one day prior to hearing - $1,195 a day.