How They Defend the Indefensible

This is an article by Dahlia Lithwick that appears on the Slate web site.

The Trump administration is playing a game of choose your own facts, but every single version of this story ends with screaming children in cages. Read More...

A child's anguish meets America's indifference on new TIME cover

This news article appears on the CNN web site. The picture says more than a thousand words. It is very powerful.

The Trump administration's policy that effectively separated families crossing the US border has held up a big, glaring mirror to America's moral character. In TIME magazine's latest cover, the reflection is met with indifference in the face of human suffering. Read More...

BC SC finds off-duty administrative driving prohibition is not just cause for dismissal of firefighter

The British Columbia Supreme Court's decision in Klonteig v. West Kelowna (District), 2018 BCSC 124, offers guidance to employers about terminating an employment relationship for conduct occurring outside working hours. Read More...

Stephen Miller Furious at ProPublica for Only Releasing 7-Minute Recording of Immigrant Children Sobbing

This “news article“ appears on the Onion web site. It is clearly fabricated. However, I wonder how far off it is for the senior policy advisor to Donald Trump. Read More...

60+ Inspiring, Convicting Quotes on Fatherhood

The following is a reprint of an article by Brett and Kate McKay that appears in the Art of Manliness web site.

Fathers tend to be taken for granted.

We invariably make more of a fuss over Mom on Mother’s Day than Dad on Father’s Day, for one.

Dads are like a steady but less sentimentalized institution — the sun in our familial sky that warms and gives life but isn’t much thought about unless he goes missing.

Yet this belies the enormous impact fathers truly have on their children; while a dad’s nurturing may often take the form of playful roughhousing and silly jokes, his influence is quite serious and significant: the presence of a loving father greatly increases a child’s chances of success, confidence and resilience, physical and mental well-being, and yes, quite naturally, their sense of humour.

One of the manifestations of the way we take fathers for granted is that there exist many more quotes about Mom than dear old Dad (and even fewer about fathers and daughters). To make more accessible those great pearls of wisdom that do exist, we searched high and low for the very best, and created this ultimate treasury of quotes about fatherhood. These short quotations provide great prompts for reflection; typically, we’re so busy plowing ahead that we don’t pause to look up and get a “birds-eye” perspective on things — taking the time to ponder what our own dads meant to us, and the way we’re shaping, and should be savouring, our kids right now.