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On Sarcasm

From the boz.com web site:

I first discovered sarcasm as a freshman in college, which I realize makes me a bit of a late bloomer as far as teenagers go. There were certain classmates who seemed to always come across as clever and funny no matter the topic. Over time I noticed there was a simple formula to their contributions and it was pretty easy to mimic. It could be as simple as responding with the opposite emotion as one might expect, feigning joy at bad news and heartbreak at good. On more complex topics it could be as simple as just repeating something someone else said but in a sarcastic tone.

Continuous Video Surveillance Of Employees: Psychological Harassment?

video camera
Case law recognizes that constant and continuous video surveillance of employees may constitute an unreasonable working condition, and thus violate . . . Human Rights and Freedoms . . . when not justified in a rational and proportionate manner according to the circumstances.

In the case of Lazzer v. Magasin Baseball Town inc.,, 2022 QCTAT 478, rendered by the administrative judge Pierre-Étienne Morand on February 3, 2022, rather than having to determine whether the presence of cameras constituted an unreasonable working condition within the meaning of the Charter, the Administrative Labour Tribunal ("Tribunal") had to rule on the merits of complaints of psychological harassment filed in this context.